Tennis Humor – The Gift Of Making People Laugh At The Game Of Tennis




1. The married mixed doubles team. Need I say more? This classic dynamic has caused guffaws at the best of times and divorces at the worst. And for those still in dating mode — tread very carefully!

2. The poseurs — look great in their new tennis clothes which they claim they received as tennis gifts from a well known-touring pro, carry at least 3 of the latest hi-tech rackets, and are the epitome of style until they have to hit that first ball. Of course, if truly desperate, they will feign injury while opening up a new can of balls to avoid public display of their atrocious strokes.

3. The emotional player versus the ” classic tennis dinker”. Nothing can drive a tennis player more quickly to the asylum that having to play a talented retriever who gets everything back with no pace. Sit back, have a drink, and start betting pools on the number of times you’re going to see a racket tossed in frustration.

4. The obsessive tennis nut — can’t be standing in a line anywhere without starting to practice his or her swing – without a racket of course. Observers often inquire if they’re watching some new martial art.

5. The interfering tennis parent — can’t play, never studied the game except for having watched an instructional video or two, but feels free to walk on the court and correct former Wimbledon champ who is instructing his or her child. Just watching the tennis pro try not to explode at this preposterous chutzpah is priceless.

Of course, there are many more of these funny tennis dynamics which I’ll address in a later article. So for nowComputer Technology Articles, keep your eyes open at the club and you may be very entertained by the gift of tennis humor happening right in front of your eyes.


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